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A Cool Choice – Ice Manchester


When it comes to ice Manchester-wide, there’s one question that needs to be asked – cubed or crushed? Obviously everyone has their own preferences, but there’s definitely something special offered by either side!

Crushed ice is definitely the option for you if you’re looking to get your drink to cool down as quickly as possible, while also leaving space to fill your glass up to a satisfactory amount and without having to overly dilute your drink, but it really can come down to preference in the end! Without crushed ice, there’d also be no slush related drinks either, and we all know just how incredible they can be when the day begins to seriously heat up!

Cubes have their own appeal, of course, especially as they last for much longer and melt into your drink much slower. And if you’re the kind to chew cubes, you always have that to enjoy!

Whatever it is you may be looking for, however, we here at Ice Express are nothing short of the very finest professionals when it comes to delivering top quality bags of ice that you simply couldn’t do without with. We specialise in a delivery that is both speedy and incredibly practical, with temperature controlled vans ensuring that the products that reach you are kept completely chilled from the moment they’re created to the moment they find themselves rattling at the bottom of a glass.

All of our ice is frozen straight from the most crystal clear, purified water in order to guarantee that our ice is the most refreshing it could ever be, and it makes the perfect complement for any drink waiting to be cooled down to an incredible level. There’s nowhere better to go for ice Manchester-wide, so make sure you get in touch whether you run a bar or you simply want a good stock of ice for your home!

If you’re in need of the clearest and most refreshing ice Manchester has to offer, you’d definitely be on the right tracks with us here at Ice Manchester. All you need to do is get in contact, and we’ll make sure that you’ll have all the bags of ice you need before you know it!